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How Does Security Impact Companies of Every Size?

Cyber Security is one of those things that most small companies do not think about and who can blame them when every small business is focused on growth and profitability. Small businesses have it tough simply because of the amount of work that is ahead of them when it comes to building out a business. Marketing, HR, hiring, documentation, building or providing a service, legal, when does it end? 

Threats to any business are on the rise, and it is important to understand the risks to your business, no matter the size. Small businesses often lack resources which can lead to a lack of proper infrastructure and or design with security best practices in mind. How many times have you known someone to share passwords, or store them insecurely? What about understanding what to do when you get an email that just seems “off” or is requesting something weird? Does your company understand the risks that all businesses face or how to spot a phishing email? What about data access controls? How do you know your data or your customers' data doesn’t land in the wrong hands?

According to a Google search, the average data breach in 2023 cost companies a record $4.45 million. That is unimaginable for a small business. It is imperative that all businesses take action in understanding their security risks so that they can minimize it. Any company can fall victim to any number of attacks which is why it is important to understand what risks you may or may not be causing by everyday practices. The bigger your company grows, the bigger the target is for attackers to try and take you down.

Are you ready to understand your risk as a business?


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