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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

A vCISO assumes a crucial role in guiding organizations through the intricate and constantly changing realm of cybersecurity threats and challenges. They guarantee the implementation of sturdy security protocols to safeguard valuable assets and data.


As a dependable advisor and virtual extension of your leadership cohort, Blue Team Tom Consulting aids in accomplishing your business objectives while upholding stringent security standards.

  • Domain Expertise

  • provides strategic direction

  • Informed prioritization of decisions


Third Party Application Review

Through a comprehensive examination of third-party applications, organizations gain the insights needed to make well-informed decisions regarding their adoption, integration, and utilization. This process not only minimizes potential security risks but also safeguards assets and data.

  • Examination of Configuration Settings: Ensures that the application's security features are correctly configured and unnecessary risks are addressed.

  • Evaluation of Data Protection and Privacy Compliance: Ensures compliance with pertinent data protection regulations and privacy standards, assessing how the application manages sensitive data.

  • Assessment of Authentication and Access Control: Determines the effectiveness of authentication mechanisms and access control policies in preventing unauthorized access to the application and its resources.

  • Analysis of Secure Development Practices: Reviews the third-party vendor's development processes and practices to identify any security gaps in the software development lifecycle.

  • Vendor Risk Management: Evaluates the overall risk posed by the third-party vendor, including their security posture, incident response capabilities, and adherence to security best practices.


Cloud Security Posture Review

Focusing primarily in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a cloud security posture review involves evaluation of an organization’s cloud environment to ensure security best practices. This review aims to identify potential misconfigurations within the cloud infrastructure.


Security Policy Documentation

Crafting robust security policies is paramount in safeguarding your organization's digital assets. Our comprehensive Security Policy Documentation Service empowers your organization with tailored policies aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements. From risk assessment to policy drafting and implementation, our expert consultants work closely with your team to develop clear, concise, and actionable security policies. Ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and fortify your defenses against cyber threats with our specialized Security Policy Documentation Service.

  • Communicating strategy

  • Provide a framework for decisions

  • Consistent governance

Framework Assessments

A framework assessment is a structured approach to evaluate controls around a set of best practices and standards. We will assess an organization's current practices and posture to determine gaps or areas for improvement.

  • Identify security gaps

  • Provide an actionable plan


Process Documentation

Every organization relies on processes. Thoroughly documented processes facilitate employee training, ensure consistent and precise task execution, and promote efficient business operations. At Blue Team Tom Consulting, we conduct interviews with your team to meticulously capture and document existing processes. We then collaborate with your team to refine and optimize these processes, ensuring alignment with relevant frameworks and maximizing the efficiency of your organization's tools and infrastructure.

  • Identifying clear roles and responsibilities

  • Provide improvements

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