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Third Party Application reviews

It is no secret that SasS platforms are becoming extremely popular for most businesses. If you aren't familiar with the term 'SaaS', have no fear. It means "Software as a Service". To dive even deeper, this is often times a piece of software that you access via the internet. This could be hosted in another companies cloud, but still provides functionality for your business needs. Tons of SaaS solutions exist. Smartsheets, Zoom, Dropbox and a lot more tools would be considered SaaS. Chances are, your company has these types of solutions.

When software is purchased, it is often to fill a need of the business. There is a purpose for the tool. However, not every company has the resources required to setup and configure these tools properly. A lot of times, the tool is configured without really diving into how it should be used but instead is setup based on the understanding of meeting a singular use case. This can lead to improperly setting up a piece of software, with lacking security controls.

To give you an example, a lot of companies need to share files or data between companies. Various tools exist, such as Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive. You could be using an SFTP, or simply transferring files via email. What if the data was sensitive in nature? How do you verify that the right people are accessing the files and not the wrong people? How are your companies data sharing policies? It is important to make sure no one other than the intended parties can access the files you are transferring especially if the contents could be sensitive. Blue Team Tom Consulting specializes in reviewing your purchased software to verify that the tools are setup and configured correctly. We will make recommendations based on findings and present you with the best options.


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